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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

Kids and Social Media.

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We held a family meeting last night.. We do this from time to time. I could tell you it's because we want to hear our children's input on things...but I'd be a lying liar who tells lies. We do it to remind the kids who's in charge of these monkeys.. and hammer home our family motto... My husband and I are know it alls. We. Know. It. All.
Anyway, the topic was social media. Although we have stood our ground with this, and none of our children, except Our 21 year old, have a cell phone.. our 12 year old wanted snap chat, and the others have been addicted to YouTube videos of some yum yum shoving 20 pieces of pizza in her mouth... So we decided to give a little.
The first rule is.. screen time and reading time in equal measure... (I thought of this one.. and I must admit.. I'm pretty proud of my swift thinking.)
Second.. Snapchat is permitted as long as I can follow her..since I don't have one.. I had to create one.. and learn about it.
I feel like a baby deer. I'm fumbling all around. Thankfully, the pictures only last a short time, as I've already snapped a couch cushion, my dogs butt, and a wallflower plug in.

If you're interested in seeing how utterly boring I am.. snap me up..


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