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Challenge: Walking the Talk


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We took our 4 youngest kids camping last weekend. As we were waking thru the campground, I noticed a little kid, about 12 sitting on a bank fishing, while his mother stood by on her phone. This may seem like a normal scene in this day and age, however the boy was sitting inside a wood fenced- in area posted with multiple signs that read KEEP OUT. The mother was acting as the guard dog to ensure that if anyone approached her disobedient boy, she would go after them like a land shark. I've seen this show before.

He did not sneak over the fence to be a sneaky boy.. he walked, head held high, and climbed over the fence. Most likely mom's idea..
This is what's wrong with our kids today.. Parents are raising rule- breaking, entitled children, who will then turn into law breaking entititeld adults. This kind of irresponsibly makes it harder for teachers, counselors, coaches, bosses, coworkers, and peers to tolerate.

So this is what I've learned..
I am more determined than ever to raise children that become law abiding, respectful citizens.. who may someday successfully find the cure for Cancer, Alzheimer's, or Assholes.


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