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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Keep an eye on your blind spot

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Keep an eye on your blind spot.

You know, that area of your life that keeps getting neglected while your busy giving deserved attention elsewhere.

It's just like in when you're in your car,

focused on the road and vehicles ahead,

on the path to your destination,

and then you practically get side-swiped by someone rollin' in hot on your right or left who you did not see.


It happens to us off the road too.

We're all trying so damn hard to multitask the heck out of our lives that we almost get tunnel-vision on only what's in our immediate and nearby peripheral and lose sight of all that’s temporarily outside of it -- even the critical sh*t.

So keep an eye on your blind spot.

Sometimes that's where self-care lives.

Occasionally, your romantic relationship gets stuck there.

It’s often where you’ll find your health.

And, sadly, even your precious kids can find themselves lost there.

So keep an eye on your blind spot.

Keep it all visible and tend to all of it the best you can.

I'll tell you this -- you're a lot less likely to "crash" if you continually check that blind spot of yours.

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