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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

Keep a Clean House Over Summer Vacation

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It might be hard to keep your house mess-free and clean throughout the summer holidays.


With kids running around, continuously going out and coming back in excitement and rush, it becomes a task for you to continue pick things and avoid the mess around the house.

But nothing to worry about, with a couple of tips and tricks you can keep your home looks clean and spotless even when the kids are at home:

1- Get Rid of Clutter

An ideal approach to get the best cleaning results is to minimize the amount of clutter you have in your home. This can include old kitchen supplies, clothes, kids toy, workout equipment, old magazines, and newspapers etc.

In many cases, a house loaded with mess can cause fire hazards and other health complications when mold and dust are present.

Once you have gathered all the unwanted belongings you can give away the things that are in good shape and discard everything else.

Alleviating the excess mess will make you feel like you have less to clean.

2- Establish a Chore Schedule

Why not take advantage of the extra hands while you have the opportunity?

After all, the children are probably creating and adding to the mess.

In this way think about involving the kids in the task plan while they are at home.

Make a bright and colourful chore chart for young kids, and assign household duties every week to the older kids.

The older kids can take on the more difficult tasks, for example, dishes and clothing while the younger kids can clean up their toys and sweep the floor

3- Hire a Cleaning Service

If you find that it’s too overwhelming to maintain the whole house clean all the time, have a cleaning service twice a month.

Cleaning services can be adjusted to match your needs and desires. Carpet cleaning services like Firedawgs offers an array of home cleaning services like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, gutter cleaning, junk removal, and air duct cleaning.

4- Stop Dirt in its Track

Most of the dirt comes from outside only. Use doormats at the door entrances which will reduce the amount of dirt from entering to your house.

Encourage everyone including adults to take off their shoes before entering the house to keep your floors clean.

Also keeping the door close will prevent dust from entering your house.

You can also follow the below design adjustments to reduce dust from entering:

  • Solid surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms are easier to clean that tile counters.

  • Choose low maintenance ground surface such as laminate floors.

  • Use fabrics for curtains, furniture, and throw pillows treated with stain and dust resistant finishes.

  • Place dustbins near or over the entrances.

5- Get Out of the House

The best way to keep the house clean during summer vacation is to spend more time outside. The more time you spend doing activities outside, the less mess you’ll have at the end of the day.

Summer is also the ideal time to enjoy the awesome climate and take your family outside for mealtime.

Eating outside is fun and saves you from cleaning up after every meal.

Playing in the yard, going to a community pool, visiting a nearby park are all great ways to keep your little ones out of the house.

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