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Challenge: Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Kannon’s little life

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My name is Christine and I want to share the heartbreaking journey of losing our sweet Kannon Joseph. We struggled for many years to have our older children and didn’t have easy pregnancies so when we found out we were expecting and I was past 20 weeks we were shocked. I had an easy pregnancy and a very easy delivery. We couldn’t agree on a name for our sweet addition and left the hospital about 12 hours later with a very healthy and happy baby. It took us a week to decide on his name. Kannon because we loved it and Joseph after my father who passed away on my daughters first birthday. He completed our family. He was the easiest of all three of our kiddos. Great nurser! Great sleeper! He loved to watch is brother and sissy and was always so happy! Kannon completed our family. We felt complete like this is right where we should be! Kannon was born on February 6, 2009. On Mother’s Day of 2009 we had a small barbecue at our house with some family and friends. At the time my husband worked graveyard shift and after the dinner would get ready to go to work. If we would have only know that this day would be the last day our family would ever be complete! Our older kids went to bed and I started my night routine with Kannon. I gave him a bath, dressed him, nursed him and put him to bed. Kannon never woke up. I can recall every second of that morning! Every! Heartbreaking! Second! I woke up and found he wasn’t breathing. I tried with all of me to save him! I begged I pleaded! To just let him wake up! I begged to let me change places with him. I tried CPR, called 911 and tried to keep my other children calm. Kannon was gone. My whole life would never be the same! I had to call my husband and tell him to get home. I held Kannon until they said they had to take him. Detectives showed up to inform us they would be investigating his death. Worst 6 weeks of my life! Kannon’s cause of death was SIUDS sudden unexplainable infant death syndrome. I will never have closure. I will never understand why. May 11, 2009 will forever by the worst day of my life. My husband and I struggled for years and years with the pain that will never go away! It has been almost 11 years and it still burns like it was yesterday. Kannon is so missed and so loved! We try to spread love in his honor! We try to ensure that no parent walks this journey alone!



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