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Challenge: Cabin Fever

Just call me Judy Moody

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Anyone else having moods like it's their job lately?

We're creeping into, what is for me, my ninth week of staying 'safer at home' with my kids and husband.

I *think* we are on week seven of homeschooling/aiding with distance learning for three varied-aged kids.

Some days I feel like I'm the bee's knees and on top of it all --

my writing work,

completing house tasks,

teaching the kids their stuff,

reaching out to my family and friends to let them know I'm thinking of them,

getting enough exercise and fresh air,

and staying sane despite the crazy that dominates my every newsfeed source.

But, on other days, I feel





pissed off,



and ungrateful.

I'm not gonna bash myself or feel overly guilty for the vast array of emotions I feel and daily demeanors I adorn these days.

Instead, I am going to own each of 'em,

let the not so helpful ones pass quickly (and hopefully not like a kidney stone),

and try my darndest to ride every high of the feel-good days for long as I can.

When the whole world is upside down, and there is no sense of normal except what's becoming the new uncomfortable normal, you've simply got to

get on the ride,

buckle up,

face your fears,

say a prayer,

find the fun,

and try to enjoy it.

Today I'm feeling hopeful and finding silver linings.

Tomorrow I very well may be crying in the shower or hiding in my closet drinking wine and eating chocolate bars.

You just never how the cookie’s gonna crumble on any given day, but you can be damn certain I’m gonna pick up the pieces and eat it.

Just call me Judy Moody.

But, for real, don't actually call me — us moody people prefer you text us.

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