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It's time to fight for a culture shift

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Y’all. We have to talk.

This is going to be heavy. This is going to require you to read and stop and think. This is not going to be a fun or easy thing. This is brutally, intensely serious.

Right now our feeds are filled with hashtags regarding child sex trafficking. I can not think of a worse thing happening in our world today. It’s disgusting and unfathomable. It’s real and it is not a conspiracy. At. All.

But here’s the thing, collectively as a society we need to pause and consider, “How did we get here?”.

We are a sex crazed culture. This is not up for debate. Maybe you don’t realize it, maybe you think it’s cute and innocent. It’s not. It’s starting entirely too young.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about 2 year olds in triangle bikinis. I’m talking about 6 year olds with shorts that say “sassy” in glitter letters on the butt.

I’m talking about shirts like the one pictured here alluding to the fact that Disney needs to lock up their princesses cause my precious toddler boy is coming to town.

Are. You. Freaking. Kidding. Me? Y’all this is ‘rape culture’ being instilled at the youngest of ages and it is incredibly troubling.

I’m talking about a culture where tween & teen girls are looking up to a TikTok celebrity who is 16 years old and has over 78 million followers as she does little dances in crop tops every day.

I’m talking about dance recitals where elementary aged kids are scantily clad and wearing more makeup than Miss America.

I’m talking about the over sexualization seen in children’s television programming - programming aimed at kids under the age of 6.

We can not be up in arms over child sex trafficking when we have this culture and economy that thrives on selling sex, younger and younger and younger.

You want to Save Our Children? Wonderful, start with your own. Take an inventory of what they wear, what they watch, what they listen to. What are we (you and me) doing to promote this sex crazed culture?

It’s time to Shut. It. Down.

You can tell me whatever you think about the monsters who prey on children but here’s something I know for a fact - every adult monster who preys on a child - was once a child themselves. They had parents, siblings, teachers and people in their life who helped (or rather likely didn’t help) shape their life and their morals.

So what are you doing to make sure your child doesn’t grow up to be a monster? I get it, it’s hard and heavy and we don’t want to think about it.

BUT - to be better, to end this we are going to have to transform this culture like never before. We are going to have to say “No! This stops within our generations. We. Will. Not. Tolerate. This.”

This is not an issue we can be so passionate about on social media without taking a look inside our own homes and hearts to see where we can actually make real changes.

If you really want to step up further to fight child sex trafficking then I highly suggest connecting with two of the most reputable organizations out there right now who are actively working every day on this cause.

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