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Challenge: Summer Fun

It's summer, now what, because it feels like it's been summer for an entire year! Here are some ideas that are helping our family survive.

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“What in the world are parents doing for summer”?

Because technically it has felt like we have been in summer FOREVER, considering this is week 6 or 7 or 8 of quarantine: I have lost count. I wanted to make sure we go into summer with intentionality because quite honesty I just want to give my kids a device to play on, and say talk to me in 8 hours. Because I am tired of answering the question,

“What are we doing today? What’s for dinner?"

So having some expectations and a plan might help me (us) get through this never ending summer.

I asked some parents and they had some great ideas to get us started.



One friend said if they were still in quarantine that she was going to have her kids make a list of all the things they could do with all of their toys, games, etc, in their house.

Think of all the things our kids haven’t played with in awhile, that are stuck in drawers, under beds, things they have forgotten about. It could be a treasure trove of all the forgotten toys, etc…

I have another friend who is uber organized who makes an excel spreadsheet and sets her kids up for success by giving them the daily expectations each day on the hour. Because organization doesn't come easily that idea wouldn't work for me, but works for others.

A friend sent me some ideas a few years ago that has helped us tremendously.

It is called THIS and THAT.


We put it up on the chalkboard and they check it off as they go.

You can get this downloadable PDF HERE:

Things like DO THIS: 30 minutes of reading, alone time, or chores THAN you can play 30 minutes on screens.

Because we have a little more time in the summer, I am introducing a new life skill I want them to learn.

We are learning to do our own laundry start to finish. They will be in charge of making sure they have clean clothes everyday. (Pretty sure I almost teared up when I realized I didn’t have to do their laundry anymore, all the praise hands.) Think of something your kids could learn this year; cooking, laundry, how to budget their money, a life skill they will use forever.

Sometimes if I just have a guide to go by, it gives me confidence to actually do it.

We hope this Summer THIS OR THAT checklist gives you a few ideas to do what works for your family. Summer is a time of freedom. NO TIME FOR comparison or guilt. If I looked at what other moms are doing with their children and compared I would feel guilty most of the time. But I know what works for us and the seasons it works.

Sometimes we do jack squat and that's ok, and sometimes we can be intentional like this summer, because I realize that it helps us love each other a little better when we have some set expectations. When I see what others are doing it helps motivate me to make it my own, but it doesn't make me feel bad if we don't do it, or if it doesn't fit for my family. Summer is the season of NO guilt for what you did or didn't do. Find freedom this summer, and hopefully this little guide can get you started on what works for you.


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