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It’s okay, some days are just hard

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Why are some days so much harder than others?
Why do I let the little things put me over the edge?
Why do I allow myself to feel every emotion in the house and take it all on?
And why do I feel everyone expects so much from me?

To be honest, after 18 years of being a mom, I’m slowly realizing they don’t expect much at all, it’s me…
I expect a lot from me!

Maybe I’m the one who places these parameters on myself to only feel crushed, and often defeated, at the end of the day.

Maybe I’m the one who obsesses over getting the laundry done, because I truly don’t think anyone would notice until they didn’t have a pair of underwear.

Maybe I’m the one who second guesses every little thing, when we lose our filters and regret our words, but they casually move on never once again thinking about it and especially not losing sleep over it.

Maybe I’m the one who feels I need to be everything and do everything.

But why?

Why do so many of us moms place this pressure upon ourselves to accomplish with perfection so many emotional and physical tasks each and every day.

What happens when we don’t accomplish our mental or tangible to do list because we were held up at work?
Lost track of our time?
Had a newborn not sleep all day?

What happens if we don’t feel each emotion that comes barreling our way?

What happens?

Nothing happens!

We are doing this to ourselves.
I truly believe this.
We are buying into false claims of what a mother should be.
We are not loving ourselves the way we need to be loved.

So today, let’s pinky promise ourselves this…

We are done with the self sabotage.
We are done with worrying over every little thing.
We are done perseverating on our mistakes.
We are moving on.
We are looking towards the light of tomorrow.

We can do anything tomorrow…

But some things can’t wait until tomorrow…

loving the life we lead can’t wait until tomorrow.

Loving our life, with our children, can’t wait until tomorrow.

So friends, let’s do ourselves a favor and not be too late…

Let’s stop worrying we’re not doing enough and simply live our lives.

Our children and our own hearts will thank us!

Hang in there mama. You got this! ❤️

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