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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

It's Not Too Late: Getting Back On Track With Your Fitness Resolutions

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If you are like most people, you started the year with a New Year's resolution to lose weight or otherwise get in shape. If you're also like most people, now that we're in the middle of April, those goals and resolutions have already gone by the wayside.

In fact, studies show that a mere 8% of people stick to their resolutions.

Luckily for you, we've got a lot of 2018 left. To learn more about how you can get back on track with your fitness resolutions, read on.

#1: Start Small And Stop Beating Yourself Up

The problem that most people run into is that they try to bite off more than they can chew, and end up getting discouraged.

Rather than making a resolution to get ripped and buff, or by setting unrealistic expectations, you'll shoot yourself in the foot and quit. So, instead of planning to run miles starting next week, why not start by walking a few blocks?

Get yourself a new set of shoes and socks, since new things are great incentives. Rather than going vegan, what if you implement a meatless day once per week?

Above all, don't get down on yourself when you mess up. This is a year-long marathon put in place to build a lifelong habit, so don't feel that you're failing just because you have some missteps.

#2: Find An Accountability Group ASAP

It's important that you make this a group effort. Not only will this help you meet your goals faster, it's easier to make things happen.

Whenever we find something bigger than ourselves to commit to, it strangely takes the burden and pressure off the goals. You will also find loads of motivation and will be able to get tips from others that are on the same track.

#3: Figure Out What Activities And Foods You Like

Whenever it comes time to lose weight or otherwise get in shape, people often focus on what they can't have, rather than what they can.

This is a losing strategy, because it equates wellness and doing better by your health with restriction and limitation. Do yourself a favor and begin explore some of the healthy and delicious food options you can take in, while also figuring out what activities make you feel alive.

For instance, if you prefer rafting and rock climbing, why torture yourself by getting your cardio through jogging? Work your plan and your plan will work for you.

Use these strategies and your goals and resolutions become that much easier.

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