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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

​ It's not just Adele who wants to say hello from the outside

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It's not just Adele who wants to say hello from the outside.

Heck no.

It's every gosh darn,


you run into at any time, anywhere.

You know them.

They are the ones that know how to parent better than you.

They know what little Johnny needs way more than you do, and they see very clearly all of the cues you are obviously not picking up on you oblivious, uncaring lameo of a parent.




Seriously, who else has had enough of strangers coming in hot from the outside and remarking on the ins and outs of you, your kids, and your family?

My hand is raised.

I cannot, from here on out, deal with outspoken individuals -- who don't know me or mine from atom -- speaking at (yep -- not to, but at) me as if they know better how to love these dear people I carried for nine months, birthed and have been raising for the multiple years.

For those of you on the outside, remember this:

That you have no clue what is taking place

in the heart of a mama,

her pint-sized offspring,


her home.

Give grace.

Give respect.

Give space when needed.

And, offer support if it's sought.

But, most importantly, BE KIND.

With any family you see

-- regardless of the dynamic --

at its backbone is a parent who is showing up and trying their gosh darn best every day.

Recognize that, and if you must comment, remark on how impressive you find that and them.

Because if you must say hello from the outside, be sure to tell me that I'm doing a good job, too

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