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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

It's a true challenge for a parent NOT to raise a self-indulgent human

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The world may not revolve around my children, but mine sure does.

And that's a hard concept to convey to our kids when they are young;

that for us,

the sun rises and sets with them,

but that without them,

the sun will still rise and set.

It's a true challenge for a parent to love your child unconditionally and so very well that they wholeheartedly know and trust that they are undeniably special and utterly vital to this world and the people in it, but also not to raise an egocentric, self-interested, uncharitable, indifferent, self-indulgent human.

And, I think the answer lies somewhere between our words and actions which, for the sake of our children, must not only line up but also align with the core values every human should hold like

















just to name a few.

I couldn't love my kids anymore if I tried, but I sure could do a better job at it.

Because when I


am impatient with them,

judge them,

label them,


am a constant critic,

I'm not living as an example of the person I want to raise them to be.

And, they can only mimic what they know, and all they know is who I am and what I stand for.

So when I

grumble in traffic,

complain about a stranger,

mock another,

am close-minded,

or am self-seeking,

I'm unintentionally encouraging them to do and be the same.

The world may not revolve around my child, but mine sure does and to raise a child who not only understands but appreciates that, they must be taught how to (successfully) ride the line and balance being other-focused and self-focused.

It's a real struggle, but admitting that is the first step, and now it's time for us to take action.

Imagine how great a world full of concious and kind humans would be.

Now stop imagining it and start creating it.

We have the power, and it begins in your home and mine.

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