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I'm not the same person I was 10 years ago: I'm better

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You say I'm not the same person when you first met me 10 years ago. And it's true.

I'm not the woman I was 10 years ago. I'm 10 years older, therefore 10 years wiser, and 10 years more experienced. Also, I'm kinda a badass now.

I've learned a lot in those ten years. I've learned what matters more and what matters less. What I truly care about, and what I really don't give a sh*t about anymore. I've also made 10 years of mistakes, 10 years of lessons learned, and 10 years of internal growth. See? Bad-ass.

I have 10 years of new friendships and growth of continued friendships. I've also lost 10 years worth of old, stale or toxic friendships.

I am 10 years more fit. But also ten years more wrinkly, and a little softer in the midsection. But I make every day count. I don't waste my days. I don't "kill time," as I used to say.


I'm 10 years more worried about things that really truly matter, and 10 years less concerned about things that used to matter: like my weight, or gossip, or who the Bachelor is going to give a rose to this week.

Women don't just age over time, we become more bad-ass. I'm fully convinced of this. I don't know a single woman who hasn't gotten stronger, more secure, and more wise over time. Instead of bemoaning another year or birthday, we should be celebrating. One more year of bad-assery, baby!

You say I'm not the same person. And it's true. 10 years can make a big difference. And it's for the better. I'm 10 years better, I'm more bad-ass than ever, and every single day I make it count.

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