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Challenge: Finding Your Village

I Believe it Takes a Village

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It’s happened a few times recently. I belabored a topic having to do with my children. Something serious like missing their daycare’s open house. I mean that’s the stuff that lands adults in therapy, right? And, a coworker looked at me knowingly and said, “You gotta let that stuff go!”


And, you know what? I believe her! I believe her because she has two grown, successful daughters. I believe her because her marriage has weathered the years it took to parent those women while simultaneously developing a successful career. She’s been where I am. She can tell me to let it go and I believe I should.

I fired off a text to a good friend recently. Something about my exhaustion and tears and worry about my little guy suffering through yet another cold. She sent love. And listened. And said, “If I were closer, I’d hold him while you slept!”

And, you know what? I believe her! She has littles too. She gets it! And years of friendship between the two of us have built-up loyalty. The thing is, she was there. With her words and time and love.

I stood at daycare and shed a few tears as I dropped my son off in his new room. My tears surprised me. This wasn’t a new daycare. It’s the place he’s always gone. The place we love that loves our littles. All the same, the tears came as I ran into one of his former teachers. Her reply? “My son is drinking out of a real cup! Not a sippy cup! I get it!”

And, you know what? I believe her! She has all but held my hand through tough days. More importantly, she has held my baby when he’s been happy, sad, confused and everything in between. She has shared stories about being in the trenches with her own son as I’ve crawled my way out of the trenches with mine. I believe her when she says she gets it because she does!

They say it takes a village to raise a family. And, you know what? I believe them! I believe them because I don’t know where’d I’d be without these people! These are just a few of the important people with whom I share the joy and tears of parenting. The people I turn to when I don’t think I can make it through the hour or day or week. Some of these people have been in my life for years and others got plopped into my life just recently thanks to fate. Regardless of their duration, they are my village!

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