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It is ok to let yourself grieve

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As I write this message today, the sun is shining brightly, my windows are open, and the sounds of spring are all around me.

My favorite tree in my backyard is in full bloom and the birds almost seem to be smiling as they dance their way around the lawn in the morning.

There is a hopefulness that seems to be filling the air right now.

But just because nature is coming alive all around us and each day brings more flowery blossoms everywhere we look, it doesn't mean that we all are feeling that same rebirth or rejuvenation.

The harsh reality is that so many of us are suffering right now.

If you look beyond the flowers and sunshine and song birds, you can see it on the faces of some of the people around you.

There is something extra hard about grief and pain and suffering when the outside world is marching forward towards brightness and hope.

If you are someone right now who can't yet feel the hopefulness of spring, hear me when I say that it is ok.

It is ok to feel your feelings. It is ok to let yourself grieve. It is ok to not be ready to enjoy spring.

But don't suffer in silence. Be brave and reach out to a friend. Share with them how you are feeling and maybe even ask them to come and sit with you.

Wherever you are in your season of life is ok right now - even if you are in winter when the world around you is in spring. No winter ever lasts forever. Your spring will come eventually.

Until then, keep holding on.

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