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It feels so unnatural for a mama bear to leave her cub

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It’s a strange thing…

this dropping your child off at sleepaway camp.

It feels so unnatural

for a mama and papa bear to leave their cub to

fend for themselves,

when ever fiber of your being says

“I wanna fight your fights.

I wanna lead your adventures.

I wanna be next to you


But it’s a parents’ job to know when to

step out of the way,

to the side,

and to let their brave kid

figure out who they are,

to wholeheartedly feel free to be who that is,

to surround themselves with people who respect and appreciate that cool human,

to learn to love who that is, unconditionally,

just like you do,

and to have hella’ amounts of age-appropriate, sans-parent fun.

I couldn’t have asked for a better drop off,

and I can’t wait to pick her up,

but until then I’m gonna trust in


my gut,

her camp,

and in God.

Here’s to experiences and the indisputable positive value they provide.

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