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Is motherhood whirling by for you too?

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This photo right here is motherhood…

To some it may seem blurry.
To others one to toss.
But to me, this is my life…

My beautiful life captured in the exact moment in time.

A time I can’t replace.
A moment I will never recapture.
A perfect moment, within my lifetime, holding on to my sweet one as we giggle and wrap each other in love.

Fleeting moments whirling by causing a haze to gather as time moves forward.

Moments which take our breath away and allow us to pause but not completely come to stop.

Breathtaking moments captured yet often dulled by the outside world creeping in.

Precious moments holding on, breathing in, dreaming, praying and loving but always moving forward as life swirls around us and within us.

Motherhood… who knew it could be this profound?

Motherhood… who knew the love in our hearts would be flood gates to our souls?

Motherhood… who knew we would grapple at the little moments?

Motherhood… who knew we would some days be left in a fog of intense emotion taking over our entire body?

Beautiful and simple moments.

My perfectly filled life.

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