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In this house, we do Lunchables

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In this house we do Lunchables.

We do paper plates.

We do microwaveable food.

We eat in front of the TV.

We drink too much juice and soda.

We eat dino nuggets and pull-apart french toast.

We wear shoes with no socks.

We wear costumes just because.

We wear toothpaste-stained shirts.

We wipe our noses with our hands (Eww. I know. We are working on this.)


We skip showers.

We leave unwashed dishes and cups in the sink.

We forget to brush our teeth.

We annoy each other.

We complain.

We whine.

We tantrum.

We cry.

And, while I could suggest to you that all of this is a summertime thing, in this house, this is how we operate year-round.

And, I'm okay with it, because, in this house, something else we do year-round is love one another well.

We support and help each other.

We enjoy one another (most of the time).

We give respect and second chances.

We use our manners.

We give affection and space.

We give, and we take, and then we give again.

We make mistakes, but we grow.

We fight, but we forgive.

So you see, in my house, we don't do perfect.

We don't look perfect.

We don't act perfect.

We don't keep a perfectly tidy home.

And, the meals and behavior we serve up are anything but perfect.

Still, we are all perfectly okay with that because in this house we do real.

And, I'm really okay with the fam and I, unapologetically living our lives, in a manner that both promotes and encourages authenticity and ease and saves me from wasting any time slaving in the kitchen or pre-cleaning dang dishes for the see, in my house, we don't do perfect.

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