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Challenge: Life Changes

I'm not made to be a middle school mama

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I'm not made to be a middle school mama.

I'm made for walking a bright-eyed kindergartener to class.

I'm made for lingering morning hugs.

I'm made for kisses at the drop-off gate.

I'm made for constant communication.

I'm made for always volunteering and consistently being "in the know."


I'm not made to watch my kid walk to school alone or with friends.

I'm not made to see her struggling with the weight of all her books and not jump in to help with them.

I'm not made for her to pick out her own outfits and make her own lunch.

I'm not made for "it was fine," being a response to "how was your day?" every day.

I'm not made for not being in control.

I'm not made for this new phase of life we're in,

but it's here,

and I will have to adapt.

I'm not made to be a middle school mama,

but now I am one,

and I've got no choice but to

fall in line,

follow her lead,

stay behind her, always encouraging and supporting,

and come to peace with the fact that my little girl is growing up, so I guess I've got to too.

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