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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

I’m not a perfect mom, but I love them with all I’ve got

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I’m not a perfect mom.

I sometimes lose it in front of my kids. Whether it’s snapping because I’ve lost my patience or just bawling my eyes in front of them after a hard day. I have a hard time hiding my emotions from them.

I will throw a frozen pizza in the oven and call it dinner. (Or I’ll do one better and order takeout because who wants the added dishes?)

I don't match socks and I will just throw them in the dresser drawer. In fact, rarely will you see things perfectly folded because I have a toddler who likes to go into his drawers and pick out his own clothes. He’ll just mess it all up anyways.

I sometimes forget to brush their teeth or make them practice their manners.

I will leave them in their pajamas all day if we’re not going anywhere. (Why create more laundry for me to do?)

You’ll sometimes find me locked inside the bathroom because I just need a minute. Just a little break from my own children.

I don't make beds. (But I will make them pick up their toys so you can at least see the floor.)

I don't iron their clothes. Sometimes the laundry will sit for days and will become wrinkled, but we’re not dressing to impress anyone in my house. They’re children and they are just going to get their clothes dirty anyways.

I let the T.V. be on far too much. Let’s be honest, it’s the babysitter that I sometimes need because there is no break for Mommy.

If there’s chocolate in the house, you’ll find me sneaking it from the top cupboard so I can have a bite without giving the kids any. (Because, hello, we know what a sugar high is with a three-year-old.)

I mess up and ask for forgiveness from my own children. I’m teaching them to give grace to others, so I’m going to expect the same to be done for me.

I’m not a perfect mom.

But I love them with all I’ve got.

(Originally published on Her Strength & Dignity.)

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