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I’m going on Medicare, how does my teenager get coverage?

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MEDICARE is a United States Health Insurance Program initiated in 1966 under the Social Security Administration and presently administered by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. It is open for those United States citizens and also for legal residents who have been in the country for a minimum of five years after attaining the age of 65 years. They should have worked and paid into the Medicare Program through the Payroll tax.

The Medicare Program would extend the coverage to those under the age of 65 years under special circumstances, which could cover any age even teenagers. To be eligible for coverage under the Medicare Program, those under the age of 65 years would need to be disabled. They should have been receiving Social Security (SSDI) benefits or Railroad Retirement Board disability benefits. They should have been recipients of any of these benefits for a period of twenty four (24) months or more. It is only if they have received such benefits and within the stipulated time frame would they be enrolled into Medicare Program as well.

Those who are in need of a kidney transplant or diagnosed with end stage renal disease could also enroll on the United States Medicare Program. This could be anyone and is open to all who would come under these specified exemptions. The year 2015 recorded 46 million Americans who were 65 years and older benefitted from the Medicare Program. This was while another 9 million, which was a total of 55 million Americans, sought medical assistance under the Medicare Program. This shows that about 17% of Americans sought medical assistance under the Medicare Program.

The Medicare Program is divided into four parts, which are Part A, Part B, Part C and Part D, each of these parts have designated coverage. Each of these Parts covers certain specific areas where the issues pertaining to it could be different from each other. Though the Medicare Program has been in operation since 1966, there are certain anomalies within the system.

These are addressed by private insurance companies who fill the gaps created by this anomaly in the United States Medicare Program. This has more or less ensured a water tight program of health care for everyone on the Medicare Program. What they are denied under the National Program could be covered by private insurance companies. Though it is not covered nationally those under these Supplement Plans could still avail of the benefits they contribute to.

They could have Supplementary Insurance coverage for a nominal annual insurance premium even if those over the age of 65 years go into the Medicare Program. If they have teenagers under their care who would fall under the categories mentioned above and are on the Medicare Program would continue with such insurance coverage accorded to them. Teenagers who are eligible for coverage would continue even though they would not have their kith and kin to support them.

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