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Challenge: Why I Love My Mom Bod

I'm finally OK with the girl in the bathing suit

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Ten years ago, I never would've posted this on any kind of social media. Not even my private Facebook. I was half this size and had zero stretch marks from carrying and birthing two boys.

Five years ago I never would've posted this on any kind of social media. Not even my private Facebook. I was 20 lbs smaller and had very few scars from carrying and birthing my first baby.

Today, I'm posting this picture on both my public and private social media accounts. Not for attention. Not for any reason at all, just that I want other women who have felt like me, to do the same.

I bought this retro style Jack Skellington-esque bathing suit on Amazon for $30. I didn't expect it to fit properly. I ordered one size up, as the Amazon reviews said to do. Years ago, I would've been a small. Even three years ago, I would've been a medium. Well, this suit is a size XL. And you know what? It fits me like a glove! It hugs my mom bod in all of the right places!


Photo: Me rockin' the swimsuit - without makeup, in my messy bathroom.

As summer approaches and we get out with our kids, I hope you will be confident enough to wear whatever kind of suit it is that makes you feel great.

I've reached a point in my life, where I am finally okay with the body God gave me.

I'm not the high school girl that starved herself to be 120 lbs, only eating toast for breakfast and soup for dinner - with my stomach gurgling so loud in classes that I had to hold my arm over it so others wouldn't hear.

I'm not the new mom that dropped all 30 lbs of her baby weight in the first 2 weeks home because I couldn't stand to eat because of the postpartum depression that was wrecking my mind.

I'm not the miscarriage mama that treated her grief with unnecessary workouts and ate cookies an hour later.

I'm now the mama of two beautiful, lively 7 and 3 year old boys, who watch me put on my makeup and ask me why I wear dresses. I walk 3 miles a day and eat right most days, but I'm still not perfect. But, that's okay.

I will be their role model for how a woman should be, carry herself and treat a man.

I want them to see me be proud of the body that gave life to them. To go to the beach with them and lay in the sun. I want them to see all of these things, and pass them on to the women they choose to love and potential grand daughters they may give to me.

We are all beautiful. We are all lovely. We all deserve to wear things that make us feel sexy and loved. Nobody should ever be able to take that away from us.

Once you find that confidence, whether is takes you 35 years, 15 or 77, don't ever let go of it. Because that in itself, is really damn beautiful.

Originally posted on These Boys of Mine' s Facebook page.

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