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I’m Choosing to Spend Mother’s Day with My Kids, and I’m Not Sad About It.

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This Sunday will be the second Mother’s Day I’ve gotten to celebrate as a mom, and I couldn’t be more excited. While some of my mom friends are whisking away to get massages, kid-free brunches, or time to themselves, I want the exact opposite: precious time with my husband and babies.

Before all you hard-working moms threaten mutiny and vote me off the island, let me start by saying there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with wanting to celebrate your Mother’s Day by getting a break from your children. Those precious moments alone are so hard to come by, and Lord knows we all need some time to ourselves for our own self-care. For me, though, I want a day that is so rare for me to come by: time to just spend with my family.

Last year on Mother’s Day, I was 13 weeks pregnant and had a 5 month old. It was a high-risk pregnancy and I was on bed-rest, so I spent the day off my feet, only being able to hold my baby periodically throughout the day. My sweet husband spent the day cleaning and taking care of our little one so I could rest without worry. At the time, it was exactly what I needed, but I spent the day watching my husband care for my baby and wishing I could jump up and join him.

The past year has been tough for my husband and me. I got pregnant when our son was 3 months old and had a high-risk pregnancy that resulted in me being on physical restriction for the better part of it. My husband was working on his second Master’s Degree, we sold our house and bought our forever home, and I continued to work from home full-time while trying to care for my baby who did not understand why mommy couldn’t get up and play with him all the time. Thankfully I gave birth to a full-term, healthy, beautiful baby girl, and our family was complete. Our lives, however, certainly did not slow down. I continued to work from home full time and taking care of our babies while my husband finished his last semester of school and stepped into a new role at work. We have continued to make a huge effort to make the most of the weekends together and create memories with our kids, but we also need that time to do all of the things we can’t get to during the week, like grocery shopping, cleaning, and the never-ending task that is laundry. We rarely have a day that is all about spending precious time with our kids, and the days are slipping through my fingers way too quickly.

This year, I don’t want the spa trip. I don’t want the bubbly brunch, and I don’t want the mani/pedi. I want to spend the day with my husband, my 18 month old son, and my 6 month old daughter doing whatever my babies want to do. So this Sunday, if you need me, I’ll be with my husband and babies playing with chalk in the driveway, hanging out at the splash pad, and chasing my son around the park. I truly couldn’t think of a better or much needed Mother’s Day.

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