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I’m a mom and every single day I fall short

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I’m not always as good as I want to be at being my children’s mother.

Because every day, I fall short.

Yes. Every single day.

Because every day without fail:

I make mistakes,

I don’t have enough patience,

My dirty laundry is overflowing,

My kids don’t listen to me all at once,

I’m breaking up fights,

I throw around empty threats but am too tired to follow through,

I, at times, feel a disconnect from the same kids that usually make my heart skip a beat by their presence.

I lose my temper and raise my voice, then apologize,

I stop caring about any screen-time limits,

and ask my partner to do bedtime because I’m burnt out by the end of the day.

You know, “one of *those* days?”

Well, every day, at some point, I have one in motherhood.

Because as a woman, I carry too much.

Because sometimes I feel too much responsibility as a wife, employee, friend, sister, daughter, and mother-- and I get overwhelmed.

It’s hard to be good at all those roles on all days,

and I’m mothering every moment

so, of course, I fall short.

And the truth is,

as humans,


And that goes for all women, whether we have one child or a minivan full.

So, if you feel like this:

You aren’t alone.

Because I’m not always as good as I want to be at being my children’s mother,

but I try to do better every day,

and that makes me a good mom.

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