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I'm a Mom, and Every Day I Choose Motherhood

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I'm a mom, and every day I choose motherhood.

On the days where I wake up over it: the fighting, the talking back, the using hands. On the days I don't feel like cleaning crumbs off the floor, I get up and do it anyway…I choose motherhood.

On the days where there’s a voice whispering that I’m a terrible mom, so why even try? I try anyway….I choose motherhood.

On the days where I just want to shut off completely. The ones where I find myself apologizing more than anything, but I trudge along…I choose motherhood.

And it won’t be perfect, but I’ll always try by choosing motherhood,

again and again,

because you, my children, are my entire world.

And I’ll choose you for the small moments:

Sitting on me as I kiss your soft cheek, and we both smile.

Running and screaming with delight until we embrace into a hug.

Bottling up the look of love and awe in my heart to save for when you move away.

And I’ll choose you for the big moments:

When you take your first steps without your push toy, and I cheer loud.

When you graduate nursery school and proudly walk across the room.

When you score your first goal at the soccer game, and our smiling eyes lock.

Because I’ll choose you for all the moments, even the ones where I’m beaten up by motherhood and life.

And just because I'm a mother doesn't mean I have to put my children’s needs before my own, but I do day after day.

Because I choose motherhood,


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