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I'm a mean mom

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It has been confirmed...I'm a mean mom.

Honestly, it's a dream come true.

I always wanted to be known as the big, bad meany.

The mom who says no, and plants her foot firmly on the ground, never budging.

The mom who doesn't allow crocodile tears and pouty lips to persuade her decisions.

The mom who doesn't back down when pushed to the limits.

Nope, son. Not today. Not here in this bakery in front of all these people.

I will not feel the flush of embarrassment at all the stares being shot in my direction.

I will not let you have your way in order to appease you and everyone else in this uncomfortable situation.

I will sit right here at this table opposite you, and I will sip my coffee, completely oblivious to your mini tantrum.

I love you, my sweet boy. No one could ever dispute that fact.

But sometimes, I have to be the bad guy.

My love for you is not to be used for your personal benefit. I will not allow it to be abused, now or ever.

You cannot always have your way. You will not always get what you want.

It's a tough lesson, but you must learn it. You must accept that what I say is the law until you are old enough and capable enough to be responsible for yourself.

So it's perfectly fine that your anger is getting the best of you right now.

It's perfectly fine that you think I'm mean and refuse to share a table with me.

It's perfectly fine if you want to pout and give me the silent treatment.

I'll just be right over here, waiting for you to accept the reality of the situation. Waiting for you to realize that I'm not giving in to your every desire.

And when you're ready, this mean mom will be waiting for you with open arms...sans the giant fruit cup I will not buy because I already know you will not eat it.

I am a mean mom, it's true. But I love you more than you could ever know.


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