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I'm a great mom because I know what brings my kids happiness

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Do you ever just look at another mom and think, “Wow. She’s really got it together?” I think we all do that. I know I do that. But you know what else? Other moms are looking at us and thinking the same thing.

There are times when I feel like a complete hot mess and just when I feel like I’m descending into a bottomless pit, one of my friends will say, “Wow, you are such a great mom for playing with your kids.” And then I remember my inner dialogue needs to show my own self some love.

Think about it…we all brag about our kids. My eldest is the top reader in her class! She’s amazingly smart! My youngest is the cutest child on the planet. And we are all too happy to share how we’ve failed at mom-life: “I threw an egg at myself by accident.” Or “I accidentally put the towels in the freezer.” Don’t ask. It was one of those days when it was the last month of pregnancy.

We always put some “BUT” in the middle of things too, don’t we? “I always do my daughters’ hair BUT it looks like an inadequate mess every time.”

So I’m going to start with a positive twist and write about how I’m a great mom. And I want you at the end of this to punch the lights out of that ugly, negative voice in your head (we all have it, love) that beats you down. Replace it with positivity!

I’m a great mom because…

- I give my kids extra time in the morning to sleep while I get their breakfasts ready.

- I pretend to be horrible at playing a game sometimes just so they can win. Not always, but sometimes.

- I do silly things when they feel stressed, like putting their pants on top of my head as a hat so they stop complaining about their hair or their shirt and laugh.

- I read to them every chance I get (and I even do the voices of the characters. I’m great at Spongebob, Shaggy, and Scooby!)

- I appoint my eldest as “Mom” for when I need a nap or need to get something else done and watch with joy as she relishes being in charge.

- I empower my kids to do things themselves, even if they don’t do it the way I want them to (like my floors for example).

- I get involved at school to help them make education a priority.

- I make funny voices for their dolls and toys.

- I give them hugs and cuddles as much as possible.

- I listen to them when they’re talking.

- I try to balance my work life and my home life so we can have fun together.

- I take them places I can’t stand just to make them happy.

- I put on a happy face so they can enjoy their day when I don’t feel so hot.

- I laugh at their jokes (even the ones that make no sense).

That’s my list. I want you to go make your own. You have to be positive and you can’t put a “BUT” into there. Go on and try it! I’d love to know what makes you a great mom too!

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