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I’ll never stop holding your hand

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I’ll never stop holding your hand and offering my own, sweet baby.

Right now, my hands carry you to and from each room.

Right now, my hands cradle you as I feed you many, many times a day.

Right now, your little hands grab onto my shirt as I carry you around the house, change the laundry, run the vacuum, or start a pot coffee.

Right now, my hands hold yours as I try to comfort you when you’re fussy.

But in the blink of an eye, your little hands will grab mine and ask me to come play.

Your little hands will wave goodbye when we drop you off at Sunday School, soccer practice, or a friend’s birthday party.

One day, your little hands will grab the car keys and you’ll say, “I’m heading out, Mom.”

Before I know it, your little hands will be holding another woman’s hands when you pledge your life to her and say, “I do.”

And just like that, those same little hands will welcome your own little child into the world.

Don’t forget, baby boy, that my hands, whether young or old and feeble, will always welcome you home and invite you in.

May we never take for granted every opportunity we have to hold those sweet little hands.

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