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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

I’ll come out of this a winner

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I let the day beat me today.


Beat me down.

Beat me up.

Oh wait, that was me—not the day.

Sure things could have gone smoother.

Of course things could have gone better.

But, really, nothing went THAT wrong.

Except for me that is.

‘Cause all that’s truly wrong with this
still very blessed, beautifully imperfect life I’m leading
is that I don’t have more gratitude for it and I complain when it’s not picture perfect.

Things are wonky in the world right now.

Lives have been turned upside down.

But, tonight, well, I’m voicing my intention to stay right side up,

standing on my own two feet,

with my people in my corner,

strength in my being,

and faith in the Big Guy that I’ll come out of this a winner.

Oh wait...what’s that?

A reminder from Him that that I already am.

That we all are.

That the only way to lose against a day is to not show up for it.

If you’re showing up and putting in effort, despite high-ranking or menial hardships, you’re tough as nails. And speaking of nails, please remind yourself that nailing it doesn’t always look like

a clean house,

siblings getting along,

your kids getting stellar grades, you doing productive, impressive work,

Pinterest-worthy home cooked meals,

neat closets and empty hampers.

Sometimes nailing it is getting through the day with enough trust in yourself and love for others to wake up and step in the ring again tomorrow.

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