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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

If the whole world was watching, I wouldn't yell

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If the whole world was watching,

I wouldn't yell.

I wouldn't rush you.

I wouldn't put you off with a wave and repeated "give me a minute" remarks.

I would let you help if you requested.

I would let you do if you politely pushed to.

I wouldn't just listen; I'd really hear you.

I'd watch everything you ask me to watch, a million times over, without reluctance.

I'd read every gosh darn rambling you bring yourself to write.

I wouldn't complain so much and never to you.

I would really be in our every moment together.

I would lie in your bed with you for as long you want.

I would make more time for you.

I wouldn't be quick to react.

I would encourage you to feel all of your feelings.

I would help you sort out each and every one.

I would ensure you know that you don't have to perfect and that I don't want you to be.

If the whole world was watching,

I would evolve so that you could do the same.

But you're going to transform regardless,

into who you want to be and who you were put on this Earth to become with a little sprinkle of who I've raised.

If the whole world was watching,

I would be different.


So that you could be you, and I could worthy of her.

If the whole world was watching,

but wait...

oh my...

My whole world is watching

-- with big, beautiful, admiring and curious blue eyes --

and so I must be different.


And it starts today and continues indefinitely.

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