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Challenge: Romance After Kids

If I wrote articles for my husband, they would probably read something like this

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She looks so pretty with her makeup on.

She drives me crazy when she dresses like this.

She teases me hard when she dances like that.

She rocks my world when she gives me those looks.

She thinks THIS is why I am with her.

She feels like I need her, all the time, how she is right here in this moment.

Carefree and loose.

Happy and relaxed.

Buzzed and playful.

But, if only she knew...

That she looks even more beautiful barefaced with no makeup on.

That she drives me crazy when she wears my sweatpants and t-shirt with her just-rolled-outta-bed top knot.

That I'm just as teased by her watching her mother our kids so well.

That she rocks my world when she looks at those children and then back over at me, and I recollect how we made and raised those miracle beings together.

She thinks that I don't love her as much when she's

Anxious and frantic.

Dramatic and on-edge.

Busy and stressed.

Or, when she

is snappy,

burns dinner,

forgets plans


falls asleep on the couch by 9:30 pm.

She thinks I married the girl I see tonight.

But, she's wrong.

I married the woman I live with every day and the one whom I pray to God I'll be beside for the rest of my life.

If I wrote articles for my husband, they would probably read something like this.

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