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Ideas on How Kids Can Earn Extra Cash During Holidays

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An empty mind is a devil’s workshop!

Keeping that thought in mind, it is necessary to provide kids with ample opportunities to keep them busy during their holidays.

Children need to learn about money management right from their childhood so that they become responsible for their own money.

Here are some great ways through which kids can earn and learn at the same time:

Garage Sale

Ask your kids to collect all their toys, gifts and other items that they no longer play with.


You can then plan a family garage sale and let the kids chose the stuffs that they would like to sell.

A garage sale will serve two purpose. Firstly, your kids will earn some money and secondly the house will be decluttered.

Pet Care Services

Kids love pets. You can ask your kids to offer pet care services or pet sitting services in your neighbourhood.


You can simply get a website designed for this purpose and your children can share the site address with the community members.

You will be amazed to see how many pet parents actually turn out for this amazing pet sitting services offered by your kids.

Moreover, your kids will learn how to care for an animal and treat it kindly. This is an invaluable life lesson as they will learn to treat people the same way.

A Lemonade Stand

Who doesn’t love a lemonade?

If you are eager to see your kids behave as little entrepreneurs then this is the best choice that you could suggest to your kids.


Encourage the kids to set up a lemonade stand. Your neighbours will start buying and your kids will learn how to make a great product that can be sold.

Recycling Items

Ask your kids to collect all the junk items like newspapers, soda cans or glass bottles from the neighbourhood and sell them to any recycling plant.

This will help to clean the community and earn some money at the same time.

Making the kids learn to earn during their holidays is a great way to teach them about money. The lesson about money is one of the most important lesson that they can get during their life.

As a parent, it is your duty to make the child learn about the different facets of life in a fun yet compelling manner.

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