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I won't let my mom see her grandson, and I’m not sorry

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I won’t let my mom see her grandson, and I’m not sorry.

Maybe that sounds cruel.

Maybe you’re thinking how could I ever make that decision, since denying a grandparent the opportunity to spend time with the grandchild just seems utterly unfair?

Perhaps you’re right, but due to her age, my mom would fall into the “high risk” category if she were to contract coronavirus, and I am doing everything in my power to protect her.

The harsh reality of this situation, is that I could unknowingly be a carrier of the virus that could ultimately kill her.

My husband could unknowingly be a carrier, as well.

What’s even scarier, is that SHE could unknowingly be a carrier and pass the virus along to us.

I would never be able to forgive myself if I were responsible for that.

So we drove by her house this morning.

We parked along the curb and rolled the windows down.

She opened her front door (which was further away from us than the recommended six feet) and gave a big wave to my son, who was sitting in the backseat.

That was her visit.

These are the times we are living in.

We participate in drive-by visits to keep our loved ones safe.

We read bedtime stories over FaceTime to ensure that our loved ones are protected.


We send beer bottles to our neighbors via our children’s RC cars, to ensure that we are keeping a safe distance.

We make signs and send handwritten cards to thank the healthcare workers, maintenance staff, first responders, teachers, and grocery store clerks for their devotion and dedication to our communities.

We park our cars in a circle with our friends and sit with our trunks up, social distancing while we catch up and chat.

These are the times we are living in, as unprecedented and frightening as they are.

So no, I won’t let my mom spend time with my son, and I’m not sorry about it.

I’m not sorry for helping to keep her healthy and safe.

I’m not sorry for the many birthdays she will see in the future.

I’m not sorry for the lunch dates we will continue to have when all of this is said and done.

I’m not sorry for putting the welfare of my best friend—my mother—first.

I love her too much to lose her.

And I’m definitely not sorry for that, either.

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