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I will love you, as you, forever and ever

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Dear Daughter,

The other day was a rough one and we had to have a conversation about things that are acceptable and things that are not. I remember you weeping in my arms, asking me, “Mama, do you still love me?” My heart ached and, in this very moment, the feeling is still with me.


Sweet Girl, there is something I must tell you.

I love that you found a caterpillar and called her Charlotte Newman.

I love that you want to have the same hairstyle every single day.

I love that your biggest thrill is throwing rocks into the lake.

I love that you think the fake deer on a neighboring lawn are real, but llamas.

I love that you asked Santa for fake glasses.

I love that you do cartwheels everywhere you go.

I love that you belt out Adele’s famous song using the lyrics “Ma Hooma Has It”, as opposed to “Rumor Has It”.

I love that you collected rainwater in a cup because you thought it might be magical.

I love that you insist on extra tight goggles, making you look like a waterlogged raccoon after swimming.

I love that you choose sleeveless dresses with mittens when heading outside during winter.

I love that you created pig paintings to decorate your bedroom, and all of them are accessorized.

I love that, when renovations move you to the living room floor, you’re totally pumped.

I love that you find beauty in a cup of dirty paint water.

I love that you collect little pieces of fluff and hide them in your pockets.

I love that you own an agenda that you write little plans inside.

I love that you hope to have three cats when you’re an adult, named Peach, Oreo and Cody.

I love that you have a pretend phone to call me when I’m at work.

I love that you make me welcome home signs every time I get back from traveling.

I love that you adore my purple tape measure and pretend to measure all of your toys.

I love that you wanted a daytime costume and a nighttime costume on Halloween.

I love that you wash windows as though it’s not a chore.

I love that you dream of spending summer in Paris when you are big.

I love that you remember snuggling a goat named Galaxy two years ago.

I love that you regularly ask Daddy to exchange our window curtains with rainbow ones.

I want you to remember that all of these things that I love about you are simply YOU BEING YOU. You don’t have to do anything different or being anyone else. You just have to be you. Because you are worthy of a love that lasts forever and unconditionally. You are worthy of a love that comes without the need to change or improve. You are worthy. You are uniquely you. And I will love you, as you, forever and ever.



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