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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

I was the best mom I’ve ever been before I actually had kids

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You know when I was the best mom I’ve ever been? When I had all the best ideas for parenting? Before I actually had kids. I was so judgy, thinking back on it. ⁣⁣

I thought I’d never give my kid an iPad unless it was an educational video. I was also convinced my kids would be little angels that always say “hi,” “please” and “thank you,” and would never have tantrums in public. And they’d only have candy for birthdays, and I’d never yell at them when I’m angry. They’d get a bath everyday and of course I’d never bribe them to get some peace and quiet, because wow, what a bad parenting decision, Becky! ⁣

Turns out that I was royally wrong and I’m here admitting it!

I’m the mom who gives her kid an iPad so she can go back to sleep in the morning. “Baby Shark” echoing in my ears all day. The mom who writes blog posts about moms judging kids who have tantrums in public. Yeah. And it’s also me, that mom who occasionally feeds her kid candy for breakfast so she can drink her coffee in peace. Bath every night? Who needs ‘em when dry shampoo makes you look as good as new!⁣ I might or might not have also given up some brownies in exchange for ten minutes of peace hiding in the closet. ⁣

⁣Point is, as a mom, I’m doing the best I can, and when I’m not, I’m the first one to be disappointed in myself. There are days when I feel like climbing mountains, but there are also days when I struggle, and food delivery and iPads are a good fall back.. I rarely cook meals that don’t result in the smoke detector going off anyway… Everyone tells you but you can never understand it until you’re in it - being a mom is hard.

Social media can be great to connect with moms living similar experiences but the constant judgment from complete strangers can also be hard at times. Oddly enough moms are the hardest on me, when I feel like they should understand my struggles best. Everyone has an opinion, and they’re entitled to that but I wish we could support each other more instead of nitpicking one another’s parenting choices and mishaps.

At the end of the day, we’re all human beings just doing our best. I wish I could be better, the quintessential PTA mom, but I’m just me. So I’ll keep messing up, growing, and learning, and loving my children with every fiber of my being. And I hope that’s enough.

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