Parents, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: Rise!

I want you to be uncomfortable.

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That chin stand looks uncomfortable, right?

But, guess what?

I want for YOU to put yourself into situations that make you uncomfortable.

That’s probably the worst advice that no one ever gave you because it’s bad advice, right?


Really wrong, and it’s actually the good advice I’m giving you today.

While I am of course not an advocate of anyone putting themselves at risk, I am a proponent and encourager of individuals stepping out of the box that they so comfortably and happily reside in.

There are many things that make me uncomfortable.

Confrontation makes me want to vomit.

Public speaking, though I'm told I'm good at it, does the same.

Small-scale social situations -- those make me go from somewhat normal to a bumbling idiot.

Tall about witnessing spontaneous accidents, talking sex, politics, religion, or death — all of that makes me want to crawl inside of a hole.

And you know what?

I have always been like this; up until about two years ago.

In the past, more often than not, I would shy away from anything that was less than pleasant. That all changed when I became a parent and then again when I turned thirty, and even more when I launched my blog and business.

Becoming a parent forced me to deal with uncomfortable situations as there’s no way in hell that I wouldn’t stand up for my child being bullied or a parent judging them. There is also no chance I would ever not be an advocate for them at school or with regard to their health.

Turning 30 brought me more self-confidence and less worry about what others think of me. This new decade re-energized me and led my focus to change from external to internal; to only wanting to associate with people who inspire me and who challenge me to be and do better.

Being around people that you admire, are impressed with, and want to emulate can be very intimidating and can make you uncomfortable, but to quote an author unknown, “If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room.” I totally agree with this.

With regard to launching my business, so much about it made and still makes me squirm; mainly the rawness and honesty I put forth in my content. It is far from easy to put yourself out there in the way that I and so many other writer’s do — to put your heart and opinions on paper and hope they don’t get ripped to shreds — but allowing myself to feel vulnerable has enabled me to connect with my readers, and ultimately is leading me to many business successes and publishing milestones.

Listen, believe me when I say that I understand nothing about putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is cushy or painless.

In fact, you will probably feel anxiety and uneasiness leading up to, during, and possibly even post-situation.

But you know what else you will feel?


You will feel proud, and more often than not you will reap the benefits from forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Maybe not immediately, but your courage will affect your karma, and it will come back around and reward you — maybe with a business success, maybe with a new networking connection or friend, or possibly even just via some self-improvement and a confidence boost.

What will you do today that will make you uncomfortable?

A chin stand? Probably not; leave that to my seven-year-old.

Do something today that requires you to push yourself in a direction you may have timidly steered away from previously, as I assure you it will leave you feeling proud, inspired and ridiculously motivated.

(And don't even attempt that chin stand at your age, okay?)


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