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I want to thank my husband for NOT supporting me: Here's why

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Do you ever find yourself comparing your relationships to others?

I do.

Often, actually.

I spend a lot of time thinking, they have this, and we don’t. Or they say this to each other, but we don’t. It’s an active thing I’m working on as a wife.. because comparison is stupid in a marriage or relationship. We ALL have different situations and ways of handling those.


I recently thought about a specific couple we know that ALWAYS supports each other. Literally. No matter what… and that’s awesome! (for them) But sometimes that’s gotten them in some sticky situations…

I’ve EVEN asked myself, why don’t we do that? Why don’t we ALWAYS support each other?

But then I switched my thinking.

Thank GOODNESS my husband would never let me do that. I’m so HAPPY my husband wouldn’t let me get myself in that situation.

My husband and I are two opposites in the sense that he is the most logical man I know, and I unfortunately, am the most irrational woman at times. I can justify anything.

He is my hero (I mean literally… he actually runs in to burning buildings) and I'm grateful he doesn't support everything I want to do. He's saved me a lot of trouble, by being logical!

Supporting each other in every single aspect is NOT always the best bet.

Here’s what I mean….

If my husband supported me for EVERY SINGLE THING I did in life, I would have several puppies, a lot less money, and probably a lot more stress.

It’s GOOD to question each other. It’s GOOD to not support everything.

I thought back to all the things I GENUINELY cried over and told my husband I NEEDED, and if I had those things right now, and made those moves, I would be in SUCH a different place in life. WE would be in such a different place as a couple.. and as a family!

I’m no marriage counselor or specialist, but here’s what I think you should do.

Thank your husband for not supporting you. Thank him for being your rational other half when you were being irrational. Thank him for saying no. Thank him for having logic in your time of logical need.


(and vice versa, guys, if your wife is the rational one!)

Because the grass is NOT always greener on the other side.

Make sure you’re watering your own, before you compare.

-Amanda @

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