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I Want To Be THAT Woman!

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Being a woman in this world is not an easy thing.

I am not saying it isn't hard being a man in this world. But I can only speak to being a woman. I can only speak to my journey.

It is a world of bullying, of body-shaming, of toxic comparisons. It is a world of put-downs, of air-brushed images and flattering filters, of negative self-talk. It is a world of being objectified and sexualized. It is a world of harassment and for many, abuse.

At worst, we do it to ourselves. We search for our value in numbers and likes. In weight loss and bra size. In how big our house or how new our car is.
We beg others to see our worth even though we can't see it ourselves. We try to cultivate our worth through relationships, or motherhood, or a career.

We fail to look within.

And when we are hurting, when we feel lacking, we get competitive and judgmental and petty with other women.

We want just a little of the spotlight turned away from that other seemingly successful woman and turned onto us.

But I don't ever want to be that kind of woman again because I have fought hard to become the woman I am today.

I know my worth and I want you to know yours, too.

I want to light up when you, a fellow woman who is fighting her own daily battles and struggling with her own insecurities, walk into the room.

I want you to realize how special and loved and seen you are.

I want to listen intently when you talk because what you say matters and your opinion has value.

My fellow woman, I want you to feel better about yourself after you have been around me.

I want you to feel strong and more empowered and amazing simply because you are YOU.

I want you to know that I am so privileged to be a witness your life unfolding.

I want to be the kind of woman that celebrates other women.

I want to be an encourager and a cheerleader and a defender and a comforter.

I want to be the very best woman I can be, and support you as you do the same.

I want to be THAT woman.

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