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I want my kids to have easy friends

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So many parents, myself included, pray that our kids make friends easily. Our greatest fear is that they will struggle in that department and be a social outcast.

But, what if instead of

hoping, wishing, praying, and pleading to the social Gods

for them to have an easy time acquiring pals, we instead wish for easy friends.

Here's what I mean --

My kids don't need friends that are complicated.

Life and growing up; it's challenging enough on its own, that there is no need for my kids to be

presented with, have to deal with, be bewildered, or, at worst,

be hurt by a friend and friendship that is anything but a walk in the park.

Now, I'm not daft. I do understand that friendships are and absolutely can become complicated as kids get older, but not for these younger people; not at this age.

An easy friend is a friend who accepts my child for who he or she is.

An easy friend is a friend who isn't always trying to one-up my kid.

An easy friend is genuinely supportive and encouraging.

An easy friend doesn't give ultimatums.

An easy friend is open-minded and willing to compromise.

An easy friend is one you don't have to pretend around.

And, quite simply, an easy friend is

honest, humble, kind, empathetic, helpful, and true to who they are, even when it doesn't align with who my kid is.

I could care less if it takes longer, and it is harder for my kids to make friends so long as they make easy friends.

Easy friends are hard to come by, and, I'll tell you, as an adult, that's the only kind of friend I want or have time for.

Here's to easy friends -- those our kids have, and those we have.

They sure make life more enjoyable.

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