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Challenge: Life Changes

I told her God said “Be patient"

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Tonight my youngest asked me to ask God when coronavirus would be over, and then she demanded I tell her what he said to me “in my brain.”

I told her he said

“Be patient.”

She contended I was lying and perhaps I was.

Because, the truth is, I didn’t get answer.

And that non-answer, well, it was clear enough for me to understand that the lesson of the 2020,

for me at least,

is to

be patient,

be kind,

be grateful,

be humble,

be okay with less,

be in the moment,

be uncomfortable,

be uncertain,

be faith-filled,

be trusting,

to just ‘be,’

and to BElieve that this too shall pass,

and that when it does,

it will leave each and every human still on this planet

a bit more awakened,

aware of just how fleeting life is,

and totally clued in and attached to how utterly important it is that we each spend ours both in pursuit of and surrounded by the the people and things that matter most to us.

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