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I should have, but I didn't, 'cause I'm imperfect

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I should have run tonight.

I shouldn’t have ate such a big dinner.

I shouldn’t have yelled so much today.

I should have been more present for my friend when I saw her.

I should have been more empathetic and less distracted.

I should have not been so quick to frustrate.

I should have played that game he asked.

I should have read that book when I saw her holding it.

I should have taken my time.

I should have slowed down.

I should have been more patient.

I should have worked with them.

I should be able to keep this house cleaner.

I should have done all the laundry over the weekend.

I shouldn’t have bought that.

I don’t do enough.

I spend too much.

I should put my phone down more.

I should dedicate more time to my writing.

I should be able to stay more organized.

I should try to look a little more put-together.

I should forgo that $5 store-bought coffee.

I shouldn’t pour that glass of wine.

I should pray more.

I should play more.

I should give more.

I should be more.


What if all I should do is remember that

all that I am and all that I’m not,

and that I do and all that I don’t,

makes me exactly who I was put on this Earth to be.

I’m imperfect as hell, but living as anyone other than who I am, well, that would be the real hell.

Always remember to love yourself as quickly and as fervently as you’re willing to criticize yourself.

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