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Challenge: My Dad Hero

I see the ultimate sacrifices you make for us, I see the worry in your eyes sometimes.

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Here’s the thing, I know how much pressure there is on you, I see the worry in your eyes sometimes when things go wrong. .

I feel the weight of this mental load you carry being the breadwinner of our household. .

I know it can be draining working all day and coming home only to do more. Yet with all this, I see the endless love in your eyes for our little family. .

I see the ultimate sacrifices you make for us day in and day out. .

I’m living this wonderful life you’ve given me, yes, given me. This peace of mind, this fulfillment, this bliss, it’s all thanks to you; you put me at ease. .

Be that as it may, sometimes I wonder about you. .

I wonder if you’re at peace working for so long only to come home to more. .

I wonder if you’re content with the stage of life we’re at right now. .

I wonder if this is how you imagined our days would be. .

I wonder how you can do it all with a smile on your face everyday. .

I wonder how I got so lucky. .

I wonder how you’re always so positive, how you always have all the answers; how you always


manage to say the right things at the right time. .

I wonder how you are you, so exemplary in my eyes. .
But I guess that’s why you’re called my significant other, because you truly are significant in every way. .

My better half, my soul mate. . .

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