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Challenge: Keeping Your Cool

I scream, you scream, we all scream and then we say 'sorry'

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I scream,

you scream,

we all scream


raising kids is hard,

and so is being one.

I scream, but that doesn't mean I don't love you.

You scream, but that sure as heck isn't an indication that you don't love me.

I guess that you have an excuse, right?

'Cause you're a child and you've had less cognitive development take place by this point in your life.


I should know better.

So they say.

But, here's the thing about parenting.

When you have a kid, no matter how old you are when you have them, oddly enough, at the same time you are maturing and becoming this kick-ass life guide and encourager, you also become a bit childlike.

Quick to frustrate.




But, a parent's greenness isn't something to be ashamed or a reason for one to lather oneself in guilt.

Rather, the best thing a parent can do for their child is own and honor their own emotions --

by having them instead of hiding them,

keeping them in appropriate check, but not letting them run wild,

and then talking to their child about them.

And, this includes apologizing for when we raise our voices.

THIS teaches them that it's okay to feel less than great or to be irritated, scared or discouraged, to release the emotion and when ready, come around and talk about it.

Of course, a house in which no one yells is ideal.

I agree.

But, it's not realistic; at least not all of the time.

And so,

I scream,

you scream,

we all scream


raising kids is hard,

and so is being one.

Now, let's go get some ice cream.

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