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Challenge: WHO Are You?

I pray that I have never made another woman feel "less than"

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For anyone who has ever read a single word I have written, I pray I have never made you feel "less than."

For anyone who has ever read the words of someone else and felt like they need to be doing life





I need you to know something.

That writers, like myself, are beyond grateful that you take the time to read our ramblings, but we are writing OUR story -- not yours.

And, while we want for you to relate to us and for our words to make you FEEL, it is YOU who gets to live and write your own story, and it's up to you what it looks, sounds and feels like and whether or not and to whom you ever tell it.

Nothing about a woman willing to write or talk about the ups and downs of motherhood makes her any better than a woman who would rather just ride that rollercoaster more quietly and privately.

Nothing about a woman who voluntarily shares her pictures of kids on social media makes her any better, WORSE, or more loving of a parent.

Nothing about those that discuss/complain/rant or even pray openly about marriage and motherhood make them any more authentic than the one who introspects, sees a therapist, communicates regularly (and well) with her spouse, or journals her thoughts and emotions in a notebook that's for her eyes only.

Nothing about me -- deciding post-thirty -- to live my life OUT LOUD, makes you any less than because you don't.

TRUTH? (and this should come as no surprise)

I write mainly for me because it's MY OUTLET; it's my therapy.

Sitting down and opening my computer on my lap feels like heaven and home, at the same time, if that makes sense.

But, yes, of course, I want so fudgin' badly for others to relate to what I have to say and for my words to have a POSITIVE effect on someone --




these are my stories





And, yours, well, they are just as imperfectly genuine and impressively beautiful as mine.

There's something to be said for this new wave of vulnerability and honesty that's spanning the globe and the internet, especially when it comes to modern motherhood.

There's something so flippin' fantastic about people of different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, etc. that are making connections and making each other feel by something as simple as being oneself and talking about it.

Will I always write about my life?

Maybe, or maybe not.

Will I always be living my life?

You better f*ckin believe it.

And you will, too, because you are going to keep doing you even when others stop sharing how they do them.

There's undeniable beauty in standing in front of people (or behind your keyboard) and respectfully owning and sharing who you are.

Still, do you know what's quite possibly even more awe-inspiring?

Readers like you, carefully crafting and living your own story as you beast through life, not only seeking to be inspired but unknowingly inspiring the one who inspires you.

Yes, that's me saying I admire you.

I admire each woman that I see who is just being and accepting herself, and it motivates me to do the same.

For anyone who has ever read the words of someone else and felt like they need to be doing life





I need you to know something.

You don't.

You doing life, in your chosen manner, at your chosen pace, is the reason that so many other women and I feel free to do the same.

And, we're grateful, so thank you.

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