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Challenge: Get organized!

I Only Have One Tip--But It's a Good One, Promise

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I am not organized. I never will be. And no book, article or tips can change that. I am winging it out here people. Then last year, I did one thing that made mornings easier and it didn't involve cubbies or zip locks or charts.

I woke my kids up 15 minutes earlier.


Those 15 minutes did not deprive them of essential growth sleep or negatively affect them in any way. What it did was give us the cushion we needed to start the day off without negativity.

Now don't get me wrong, no one was popping up out of bed cheerfully and ready to meet the day. But, everyone had permission to move a little slowly and ease their way into the grind. Including me.

I hated mornings just as much as they did and it showed. No mom on the planet actually enjoys barking orders and yelling as the precursor to the day. Amiright?

In order to make this morning routine work, we had to enforce decent bedtimes with no electronics but that becomes easier when the kids see that mornings don't have to suck.

Also, if they are ready early I let them have their beloved electronics while I make breakfast.

We still have to know where the backpacks are. Have to unearth jackets strewn all over the house. And need to get the lunches made and packed.

But by having a little extra time built into the routine, we are not like the Three Stooges running around in circles chasing our tails..

Find your cushion and take mornings back.

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