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“I need a wife like grandma”

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Right before he fell asleep on me last night...

5yo: “I don’t know if I’ll get a wife when I grow up.”

Me: “Ok... do you not want one?”

5yo: “Well. Maybe if someone wants me I will.”

Me: “Wouldn’t you like to have someone like mommy who loves you and cooks for you and gives you kisses to make your heart feel better??”

5yo: {{stares me dead in the face}} “Mommy. You can’t cook. I need a wife like Grandma.”




And the moral of the story is this: little boys are rambunctious, wild, lovable and brutally honest. Oh, and grandma cooks much better than mommy. Don’t forget to laugh today.

Love & hugs,

Nicki, Momming all the Boys

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