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Challenge: Finding Your Village

I need a friend

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"I need a friend."

That's all she had to say.

That's all anyone should need to say before



steps up to the plate,

steps into the ring,

and helps another take the steps they need.

"I need a friend," she said,

and the truth is,

I do, too.

So do her kids, and so do mine.

Ain't nothing like a pandemic,

social distancing recommendations,

and political turmoil to

bring our differences to light,

and pin people against one another.

But you don't have to fall into the trap that is



and standing in judgment of others.


be a rock-steady ball of grace and compassion,

and throw that -ish around like confetti,

sprinkling it on the unsuspecting,

bringing them a little bit of comfort,

a lot a bit of understanding,

and bringing human decency to the virtual or in-person table,

and the conversations had around it.

"I need a friend."

That's what she said.

And how freakin'



and brave she is for admitting what some cannot.

That this 'new normal' is

physically and emotionally exhausting,

and that sometimes,

more than




a vacation

or some self-care,

what we really need is human connection with good people.

"I need a friend."

That's what she said.

And I hope that if you need one, too,

you tell someone,

'cause I can promise you this --

someone is always listening.

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