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Challenge: Get Happy!

I Killed Super Mom

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I have a confession to make: I killed supermom.

For a long time I tried to make my family fit into the perfect mold of what I “thought” we were supposed to look like. Needless to say, this approach to parenting did not work well, and all it did was suck the joy out of daily living.

But one day something monumental changed – my own mindset. My two boys still argue multiple times throughout the day. My husband still works way too many hours. And I still only remember and complete about 25% of my daily to-dos. But one thing is different; today I now accept that this is ok. And once I made this mental shift, a beautiful thing happened - I truly began to find the daily joys of parenting.

Instead of focusing on all the bickering in my house, I began to focus on how awesome we all are when we get along. In between the ebb and flows of messy family life, I began to embrace the small and beautiful moments. I began to live and parent - in the present moment! I noticed that after my sons argue they often hold hands while playing together. Instead of focusing on all the nights my husband works late, I started to be grateful for the days he comes home early. Instead of ruminating on all that I forget or failed to do, I began to celebrate my daily went wells.

As a successful parenting, ADHD, weight-loss, and life coach - I strive to equip all of my clients with a host of information and strategies to help them rise above the daily stressors, build their resilience, and achieve their personal goals. However, the most significant tool I offer my clients is a mental adjustment; accept the fact that life is messy.

The day I woke up and killed my mental image of supermom and her super perfect family, I finally started loving life! And now every day I help my clients to do the same - and it is a beautiful thing!

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