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Challenge: Open Discussion

I hope my children can always come to me as they are

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When a boy is bullying you in school, I hope you come to me and tell me everything, tears escaping your eyes followed by a fist meeting a wall.

When a bad grade makes you feel “dumb” when you studied so hard, I hope you come to me.

When you're driving, feeling sad, tears racing down your cheeks, I hope you call me.

When you had a bad night at a college party: a fight with your best friend, you drank too much and woke up embarrassed and hungover, I hope you call me.

When you’re a parent stuck in the chaos of babies and need adult interaction about my grandchildren, marital problems, or Housewives of Any State, I hope you call me.

When you’re struggling with your mental health: your anxiety’s spiraling, and depression’s creeping in telling you you’re unlovable, I hope you call me.

I hope no shame ever exists between us.

Because we’ll always have so much empathy and understanding through open dialogue--that through the good, bad, and even worse---I’ll be your safe space to land.

I hope I’m the first person who comes to mind in any situation because we have a relationship where you can always come to me as you are.

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