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I Have To Be Honest. . . I Love Having Teenagers

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I have to admit something.

I love having teenagers.

I said it. And I mean it.

Every season of parenting has its challenges. We all know that. And every season also has its wonderfulness. Yes, every season. Even if it's hard to find sometimes.

The teen season may bring some hormonal surges and sass to our table, but we can also sing out loud to music we all love, laugh (or roll our eyes) at the sarcastic memes we send to each other's phones, and I get to watch their amazing brains at work while we have a real discussion about the world in which we live.

This season may bring funky-smelling cleats, messy bedrooms, and empty pantries (they never stop eating!), but it also gives me sweet moments of satisfaction as my children make. their. own. snacks. and dress themselves every day and put themselves to bed. What is this I am witnessing?! 😊

But yes, even without babies in the house, I'm still tired all. the. time. Yet with my teenagers I can tell them I'm tired and they understand Mommy needs a few extra minutes before helping with their project or taking them to a friend's house or watching the new Star Wars trailer. They've learned empathy and how to wait their turn. (It's beautiful.)

There are so many awesome milestones in this season, and, of course, there are also crushing defeats. Walking through these heartbreaking times with my teens is a new kind of pain. But it's also building a new kind of trust, and, I think, a thicker bond that will change their view of what a parent's role can be.

This season may bring tears to their eyes and mine, for so many reasons, but it also brings a relationship I always prayed I could have with my children. A relationship that stretches from guardian and teacher and gatekeeper to confidante and mentor and friend. A relationship that hopefully will last our lifetimes.

So, yes. Even with the hard, hard parts of this season, I can see the beauty being created in it.

And I love it.

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